Aim: This study aims to investigate the correlation between leadership qualities of Innovative approach and vision and their influence on successful organizational change.


  • To assess case studies to identify situations where innovative leadership contributed to successful organizational change.
  • To scrutinize visionary leadership’s impact in guiding teams during change initiatives.
  • To develop a proposed model highlighting leadership quality’s impact on effectiveness of organizational change.

Aim: This study aims to empirically investigate the interplay between leadership, change management strategies, and organizational culture.


  • To identify and measure various types of organizational cultures within selected companies.
  • To analyze how leadership styles and change management strategies impact the organizational culture.
  • To develop a framework that managers and researchers can utilize to understand and manage the relationship between culture and leadership.

Aim: This research aims to critically analyze the historical development of the concept of resistance to change in organizational behavior.


  • To explore the historical origins and evolution of the concept of resistance to change.
  • To investigate various instances where the concept has led to misunderstandings and conflicts within business organizations.
  • To suggest alternative models for a comprehensive understanding of how individuals and organizations respond to change.

Aim: The aim is to investigate the crucial role of human resources in driving successful change management during mergers and acquisitions.


  • To recognize and assess cultural differences that commonly arise during mergers and acquisitions.
  • To scrutinize HR's role in identifying key leaders and developing effective communication plans.
  • To conduct qualitative interviews with HR and non-HR professionals to gain insights

Aim: The aim is to investigate communication strategy's role in addressing cultural clashes during a planned merger between two Swedish organizations.


  • To assess the communication strategies employed by top management during the merger.
  • To identify common communication themes and assess their effectiveness in mitigating cultural clashes.
  • To recommend implications for ongoing and future change initiatives based on the study's findings

Aim: The aim is to highlight the benefits of integrating project management and change management practices in healthcare projects.


  • To investigate the current practices in project and change management in healthcare projects.
  • To showcase case studies demonstrating the advantages of integrating both disciplines
  • To offer senior leaders with a compelling case for incorporating this integrated approach into future healthcare projects.

Aim: This study aims to comprehensively examine the impact of change management on business sustainability, including leadership strategies and employee engagement.


  • To evaluate the relationship between change management practices and sustainability metrics within organizations.
  • To identify prime leadership strategies that promote positive change and long-term sustainability.
  • To contribute to discussions on organizational resilience and adaptability in the global business landscape.

Aim: The aim of this study is to explore the potential impact of change management, particularly using lean principles, on employee engagement within organizations.


  • To investigate the adoption of lean principles in change initiatives and their impact on employee engagement.
  • To analyze how lean principles can contribute to a more productive and motivated workforce.
  • To suggest practical insights for organizations looking to improve employee engagement through lean-inspired change management.

Aim: This study aims to emphasize the critical need for integrating project management and organizational change management practices.


  • To highlight the challenges and issues that can arise when project and change management are not integrated.
  • To provide organizations with a practical framework for effective navigation of complex projects and transformations.
  • To ensure successful project outcomes and sustainable organizational change.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to explore the fundamental principles of change management and identify critical success factors for change initiatives.


  • To define the core principles that underpin effective change management.
  • To identify and analyze the key success factors that play a central role in driving successful organizational change.
  • To offer a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of change management.

Aim: This study aims to examine the impact of a dynamic business environment on change management within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the retail sector.


  • To investigate how market orientation, change implementation capacity, and entrepreneurial orientation interact within retail SMEs.
  • To analyze how these dynamics influence SME performance in a rapidly changing market.
  • To suggest insights into effective change management strategies tailored to retail SMEs facing dynamic challenges.

Aim: This research aims to revisit and critically evaluate the concept of planned organizational change management, considering historical perspectives and contemporary insights.


  • To synthesize past and current knowledge on planned organizational change management
  • To assess whether modern change management practices can benefit from lessons learned in the past.
  • To contribute to a more effective approach to managing organizational change by bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to explore the pivotal role of change management in catalyzing digital transformation within organizations.


  • To analyze practices and strategies that underpin successful digital transformation endeavors.
  • To empower organizations to effectively navigate and adapt to the evolving digital landscape.
  • To ensure organizations harness the full potential of digitalization to enhance their operations.

Aim: This research study aims to explore the significance of leadership styles in the context of organizational change management.


  • To conduct an exhaustive examination of diverse leadership styles and their potential impact on constructive transformations.
  • To highlight the critical relationship between adept leadership and the ability to respond effectively to competitive market dynamics.
  • To provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of integral leadership roles in change management.

Aim: The aim of this study is to focus on change management strategies in the banking sectors in order to examine the impact of technological advancements and evolving market conditions on banking sectors.


  • To examine the impact of technological advancement on banking sectors
  • To analyze the role of change management strategies in adopting technological advancement in banking sector.
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