Research Topics for Event Management:

Event management is about turning visions into reality, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the audience, and leaving a lasting impression. It involves planning, organizing, and executing events of various scales and purposes. A lot about event management has been discussed but a lot more needs the attention of the researchers. This is where our highly qualified experts step in to assist the students in researching unique and original event management research topics that will efficiently contribute to the field.

Don’t know which topic to pick for your event management dissertation project? Don’t worry! We have got your back with our 500+ experts qualified within the discipline of event management. We have researchers that further specialize in the sub-branches of event management including:

  • Corporate Event Management: This is the field that focuses on organizing events for businesses and organizations. These events can vary from conferences to product launches. Our subject-specific specialists provide their expert assistance with dissertation topic selection in this area of study.
  • Wedding Planning: It is a sub-field of event management that specializes in coordinating weddings, handling everything from venue selection and catering to decor and entertainment. Our researchers provide new insight in this field with exclusive dissertation topic selection.
  • Experiential Marketing: This branch of event management involves creating immersive brand experiences to engage with consumers, often through interactive events and campaigns. Our Ph.D.-qualified researchers make sure to craft promising event management research topics for their dissertation projects.
  • Concert and Entertainment Events: A lot of areas in this specialization need to be researched and our researchers make sure to help you with that by providing customized dissertation topics. It deals with planning and organizing concerts and other entertainment-focused events.
  • Non-Profit Event Planning: If your area of interest lies in non-profit event planning that focuses on organizing events for charitable and non-profit organizations to raise funds or for awareness purposes then we can help you with that as well. Our experts will provide you with researchable event management thesis topics in this branch.

Aim: To explore the role of technology in modern event management.


  • To investigate how various technological advancements, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and event management software, have influenced the planning, execution, and overall success of events.
  • To analyze the case studies from different industries to assess the effectiveness of technology integration in enhancing attendee experiences, event marketing, and operational efficiency.

Aim: This dissertation will focus on sustainable event management practices and their impact on the environment and social responsibility.


  • To investigate the adoption of eco-friendly initiatives, waste reduction strategies, and carbon footprint reduction in event planning and execution.
  • To conduct an assessment of the challenges faced by event organizers in implementing sustainable practices and the benefits of doing so.

Aim: To develop a focus on the range of crisis management within the context of event planning and execution.


  • To explore the various types of crises that can occur during events, including natural disasters, security breaches, and health emergencies, and the strategies employed to mitigate their impact.
  • To examine the crisis communication plans, risk assessment methods, and the role of event managers in crisis response.

Aim: To investigate the significance of cultural diversity and inclusivity in event management.


  • To explore how event organizers can create inclusive experiences that celebrate diverse cultures and appeal to a global audience.
  • To analyze the strategies for designing culturally sensitive events, marketing to diverse target audiences, and promoting diversity in event staffing and leadership.

Aim: To focus on the role of event sponsorship in the success of events.


  • To understand the dynamics of event sponsorship relationships, the negotiation process, and the benefits and challenges faced by event organizers and sponsors.
  • To analyze the impact of sponsorship on event budgets, marketing efforts, and attendee experiences.

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