Latest Finance Dissertation Topics 2023:

Finance is one of the most practically implied fields in our daily lives that involve activities like investing, budgeting, saving, lending, and risk management. It plays a crucial role in personal, as well as, business decision-making aspects of our lives. It is because it involves allocating resources efficiently to achieve financial goals. So; this field needs to be studied and explored in depth.

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Aim: To assess the effectiveness and consequences of financial regulations across different global markets. It seeks to analyze how regulatory measures impact market stability, investor confidence, and systemic risks on a global scale.


  • To conduct a comprehensive examination of financial regulations implemented in various countries and regions.
  • To observe empirical data and conduct comparative studies, it will provide insights into the interconnectedness of financial markets and the implications of regulatory actions on market stability.

Aim: To investigate the evolving landscape of risk management in the digital finance era. It seeks to identify the unique challenges presented by digital financial innovations and explore the opportunities they offer for more effective risk mitigation.


  • To explore the specific risks associated with digital finance, including cybersecurity threats, algorithmic trading, and blockchain technology.
  • To analyze risk management strategies and frameworks in the context of these innovations and assess their impact on financial institutions and markets.

Aim: To explore the psychological factors that influence investment decisions. It seeks to understand how behavioral biases affect investment choices and evaluate the implications for investors and financial markets.


  • To explore the field of behavioral finance, examining cognitive biases, emotional responses, and heuristics that impact investment decisions.
  • To conduct surveys, experiments, and analysis of investor behavior. It will provide insights into the practical application of behavioral finance concepts in investment strategies.

Aim: To compare the risk-return profiles of cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets. It seeks to assess the potential of cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles and their impact on portfolio diversification


  • To conduct a quantitative analysis of historical data on cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.
  • To evaluate risk metrics, returns, and correlations to determine the suitability of cryptocurrencies as a part of diversified investment portfolios, shedding light on their risk-return dynamics.

Aim: To evaluate the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making. It seeks to assess the impact of sustainable finance practices on portfolio performance and risk.


  • To examine the ESG integration strategies and their effects on investment portfolios.
  • To analyze performance data, risk metrics, and investor preferences to provide insights into the growing importance of sustainability in financial decision-making.

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