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What are some popular MBA finance dissertation topics?

Explore the fascinating world of financial management with topics like risk analysis, investment strategies, and corporate finance in your MBA finance dissertation. The experts at Payfordissertation have the expertise, skills, and experience that needs to pick an alluring topic for a master’s dissertation.

What are the key MBA dissertation topics in business management?

Delve into the realm of business management with topics such as strategic planning, organizational behavior, and leadership dynamics for your MBA dissertation. Our experts having years of experience in dissertation writing can pick strong masters dissertation topics for you. Therefore, all you have to do is pick your area of interest and subject and from there our experts will take it.

What are some trending MBA thesis topics in management?

We would recommend our students cover contemporary management topics such as change management, innovation strategies, and sustainable business practices to enhance their MBA thesis in management.

Aim: The research aims to identify and compare how different leadership styles in different organisations influence the company’s overall performance. Hence, the objectives are:


  1. To examine the different types of leadership styles
  2. To identify the factors of modern workplace environment
  3. To determine the relationship between leadership styles and employee performance
  4. To assess the connection between the company’s productivity outcomes and different leadership styles

Aim: The aim of the research is to conduct a systematic literature review of the automotive industry to assess the development of technology and its impact on organisational growth and the competitive position of the companies in the sector. Thus, the objectives include:


  1. To perform a thorough review of technological innovations in the automotive industry
  2. To investigate the factors determining a company’s growth and competitiveness

To identify the relationship between technological innovations and automotive companies' growth

Aim: The research aim is to examine the sustainable fashion sector, its current trends, and future greener practices in the industry.  The following are the objectives:


  1. To explore the current trends in the sustainable fashion industry
  2. To identify the barriers and challenges for companies to opt for sustainable practices
  3. To analyse the changing consumer behaviour and emerging technologies
  4. To suggest greener practices for companies to become more sustainable

Aim: The aim of the research is to crucially assess the intentions and proposals of different companies' CSR practices and their practical implications in the long run. The research objectives are:


  1. To highlight the various CSR practices proposed and applied by different companies
  2. To determine the extent to which companies apply their CSR initiatives to reality
  3. To explore the recent controversies and allegations relating to CSR practices
  4. To offer suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of CSR practices

Aim: The research aims to explore the risks associated with the supply chain industry, and the impact sustainable practices had on making the industry resilient. The research objectives include:


  1. To explore the aspects of supply chain and sustainable supply chain
  2. To examine the existing sustainable supply chain models and practices
  3. Assessing the risks in the supply chain in the current uncertain times and mitigation strategies
  4. To investigate the effectiveness of a sustainable supply chain in the long run

Aim: The aim of the research is to comprehensively explore WOM marketing and its effectiveness in the times of digital marketing, platforms and approaches.  The following are the research objectives:


  1. To review WOM marketing and its evolution
  2. To analyse the factors of WOM marketing
  3. To determine the relationship between WOM marketing and consumer behaviour
  4. To investigate the digital marketing practices and strategies
  5. To draw suggestions for marketers to enhance their WOM marketing efforts

Aim: The research aim is to perform an exploratory study, focusing on investigating the difference between various digital marketing channels and their impact on customer engagement. The objectives of the research are:


  1. To examine different digital marketing channels and strategies
  2. To explore the indicators and factors of customer engagement
  3. To compare the influence of different digital marketing channels on customer engagement.
  4. To offer suggestions to marketers for boosting customer engagement

Aim: The aim of the research is to look into the development of AI and its impact on conducting and running the operations of multiple SME organisations. The objectives of the research include:


  1. To analyse the evolution of AI technologies and tools
  2. To examine the role of AI in enhancing business operations
  3. To explore the factors impacting on the adoption of AI in SMEs
  4. To determine the constraints SMEs face while embracing AI technology
  5. To provide suggestions for SMES to benefit from AI tools and technologies

Aim: The research aim is to review the marketing strategies, including green marketing approaches by specifically focusing on the fashion industry. Thus, the objectives are:


  1. To explore the concept and strategies of green marketing
  2. To examine the customer perceptions towards green marketing strategies adopted by fashion companies
  3. To identify the influence of ethics in performing green marketing
  4. To investigate the relationship between green marketing strategies and the brand reputation of companies in the fashion industry
  5. To provide suggestions to boost green marketing efforts and communication with the customers

Aim: The aim of the research is to perform a detailed exploration study of the banking sector and businesses to understand the risks present regarding the cybersecurity. Hence, the objectives include


  1. To discuss the aspects of cybercrimes and principles of cybersecurity
  2. To explore the risks and vulnerabilities faced by banking institutions
  3. To identify the regulatory frameworks and mitigation strategies adopted by banking institutions
  4. To analyse the cybersecurity attacks  experienced by the banking industry
  5. To investigate the impact of cybersecurity incidents on banking institutions and people
  6. To offer recommendations to boost risk management and resilience against emerging cybersecurity threats

Aim: The research aim is to address the growing preferences and development of entrepreneurship, along with the factors that impact the entrepreneurs and their journey. The following are the objectives:


  1. To analyse the factors that positively impact entrepreneurship and aspiring entrepreneurs
  2. To identify the factors that adversely influence aspirant entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship
  3. To assess the role of culture, education, economy, and resource availability in entrepreneurship
  4. To give suggestions to support and boost entrepreneurial endeavours

Aim: The aim of the research is to explore the impact of AI on university-going students, with a keen emphasis on their educational and learning outcomes. The research objectives are


  1. To discuss the current AI tools and technologies for students
  2. To assess the perceptions of students, educators, and parents regarding the use of AI in education
  3. To investigate the impact of moral AI-driven technology adopted by universities on students’ learning outcomes
  4. To explore the impact of immoral AI tools used by students in their educational outcomes
  5. To offer suggestions for ethically integrating AI and mitigating the use of improper tools

Aim: The research aim is to study the prevailing mental health issues in students, and the effect of deteriorating mental health on their educational journey and academic results. The research objectives include:


  1. To discuss the elements of mental health issues among young adults
  2. To investigate the reasons behind growing mental health cases and distress among university students
  3. To explore the impact of the mental health of students on their academic performance
  4. To analyse the strategies and support policies adopted by universities to address the mental health concerns of students
  5. To create recommendations to boost the support system within the educational institutions

Aim: The aim of the research is to explore the global events that caused uncertainties at a broader level, along with their influence on healthcare services and industry. The following are the research objectives:


  1. To explore the global uncertainty events that occurred in the past five years
  2. To determine the impact of political relations, disease outbreaks, and climate change on people
  3. To identify the challenges faced by the healthcare industry and service providers
  4. To analyse the strategies adopted by the healthcare industry to remain resilient
  5. To determine the ways through which the healthcare industry's preparedness can be strengthened

Aim: The research aim is to compare and contrast the performance of retail stores having a physical store, an online store, or both. The objectives of the research are:


  1. To explore the factors behind the success of physical retail stores
  2. To determine the factors that impact on the performance of online retail stores
  3. To determine the impact of industry evolution and technology development of the retail store’s performance
  4. To investigate the consumer behaviour and preferences towards the physical and online retail stores
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