Aim: This study explores the influence of the influence of digitalization and the impact of social media and big data on the traditional business models within the fashion retail Industry.


  • To conduct a case study and a data analysis to explore impact of social media on traditional business models
  • To evaluate the challenges and opportunities that the fashion retail sector faces due to digitalization.

Aim: The aim of this research is to evaluate the importance of social media marketing strategies and their effectiveness in improving brand equity considering multiple factors.


  • To conduct a detailed analysis of social media marketing campaigns and test multiple strategies.
  • To provide insights for businesses to optimize their social media marketing strategies.

Aim: This research study provides an overview of the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) capabilities and their influence on the financial performance of the company.


  • To explore the concept of sustainability, its importance, and its numerous benefits in businesses
  • To review the benefits of corporate social responsibility which includes capital growth, revenue increase, and increased investment opportunities

Aim: This study examines the role of various leadership styles in improving employee productivity and motivation. and provide an overview of leadership styles to explore the most effective leadership style that can be adopted in companies.


  • To explore the impact of employee motivation and productivity while considering factors
  • To provide awareness for businesses to accommodate the leadership styles in their business models.

Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship and link between employee engagement and the performance of an organization by considering factors that influence to high engagement of employees and also their impact on the key performance metrics.


  • To conduct quantitative analysis and statistical model will be established with evidence-based strategies
  • To analyze the link and causal relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance.

Aim: The aim of this research is to provide a comparative analysis of foreign market entry strategies including exporting, licensing, and joint ventures that are being availed by different multinational corporations, and evaluate their success.


  • To conduct comparative analysis of foreign market entry strategies including exporting, licensing, and joint ventures.
  • To examine how the institutional context in different countries affects the decision-making process

Aim: This study explores the critical areas of supply chain management and strategies that organizations can implement to improve the resilience of their supply chains.


  • To explore the critical areas of supply chain management to improve the resilience of their supply chains.
  • To provide valuable insights for businesses looking to adapt in increasingly uncertain conditions.
  • To analyze case studies and assess risk mitigation techniques.

Aim: This research aims to explore the effects of financial innovation on the stability of the banking sector as new instruments and technologies are being constantly introduced by financial markets.


  • To assess how financial innovations impact the resilience of banking institutions.
  • To analyze case studies and provide an overview of historical financial crises

Aim: The study aims to analyze the important role of culture in international business interactions and uncover the details and dynamics of cross-culture negotiations and how cultural factors influence the formation and maintenance of business relationships.


  • To evaluate the multifaceted aspects of culture, including communication styles, and interpersonal dynamics
  • To evaluate case studies, theoretical framework, and literature review.

Aim: This research aims to explore entrepreneurial ecosystems in different regions and will involve a comparative analysis of these ecosystems to examine important factors.


  • To examine factors such as mentorship networks, government policies, support infrastructure, and access to capital.
  • To identify key elements and provide insights and best practices that can be applied by policymakers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Aim: The study investigates the importance and role of AI technologies in enhancing customer relationship management in the modern business landscape as AI technologies are increasing rapidly and reshaping the way organizations interact with their customers and serve them.


  • To explore fundamental principles of CRM including customer engagement data management and communication strategies.
  • To analyze various applications of AI in Customer relationship management (CRM).

Aim: This research examines mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the crucial elements that influence post-merger success and the landscape including various types of mergers and acquisition strategies


  • To focus on the critical factors that play an important role in determining the success and failure of post-merger integration
  • To conduct a quantitative analysis method and examine the role of external factors in impacting post-merger outcomes.

Aim: This research focuses on the influence and impact of e-commerce on traditional retail and examines shifts in consumer behavior due to the digital shopping landscape.


  • To conduct a comprehensive review of the e-commerce landscape, identifying market dynamics
  • To analyze factors such as online shopping habits, preferences, and trust of consumers on e-commerce platforms.

Aim: This study addresses the perspective of talent management within the context of the gig economy where freelance and independent work arrangements are increasing.


  • To explore insights into the gig economy, including the demographics of gig workers, growth drivers, and the unique characteristics of gig work arrangements.
  • To focus on the challenges and strategies that organizations face in recruiting, managing, and retaining top talent within this flexible work model.

Aim: The aim of this study is to review how a culture of innovation contributes to their sustained competitive advantage over time and will also establish an understanding of innovation and its various forms, including product and process innovation.


  • To evaluate how a culture of innovation contributes to their sustained competitive advantage over time
  • To explore insights into the role of leadership in fostering innovation.
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