Our Policies On The Use of Web Beacons, Cookies, And Other Tracking Technologies

The purpose behind the creation of this document is to provide information to our customers and visitors who take interest in the use of our tracking tools such as cookies, web beacons and other methodologies. We hereby make statement that these technologies may apply to our websites, apps and other connected platforms. All the policies and statements mentioned here apply to our use of these tracking technologies as well as our associates, contractors and vendors in their use of these technologies as authorized agents.

We have explained in-depth on how these technologies are applied for anyone who is interested in how we make use of the tracking technologies mentioned above.

This document is provided to make sure that all of our clients, visitors and readers understand in which ways their information is being used. Please consider reading our terms of use page as well privacy policy page. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and can answer to any of your queries.

Cookies: Different Types and Uses

When you visit most websites, small files are installed on your device. These files are called cookies. This includes UkWritings.com. Devices impacted by cookies are tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other connected devices. The cookies we and others install are often used to collect information on the ways in which you use our website and other tools. Cookies allow us to remember repeat visitors and maintain an easy to navigate website. Keep reading for more information. 

When you visit most of the websites including payfordissertations.uk, small temporary files called cookies are stored on your device. Websites can store cookies on all of the devices including tablets, phones, laptops, desktop computer and other connected devices. The cookies majority of websites including ours store are used to collect information on the ways you use our tools and navigate through our website. Cookies allows websites to remember the frequent visitors and give them an easy navigation. Keep reading for more information.

1. Session Cookies: A session cookie is one time file stored on your device during your current session and it gets deleted automatically after the session ends.

2. Third Party Cookies: Third party cookies are downloaded by other entities such as advertisements and we are not in control of nor responsible for that.

3. Persistent Cookies:  Persistent cookies are very useful to provide visitors a good user experience. Persistent cookies remain stored in your device even after you exit a website. To make sure all our visitors have a good experience on our website, most of the cookies our website use are persistent cookies.

4. First Party Cookies:  When you visit our web pages, they are designed so that first party cookies are established. These are the cookies that are used to record and remember your preferences, name, history, and more. By allowing these cookies you avoid having to enter duplicate data. Our goal in using these cookies is to make it easier for you to use our website.

5. Web Beacon: Web Beacons are invisible graphics stored on the display screens. They are found on web pages and emails and are used to collect information about page behavior.

6. Other Related Technologies: Other cookies such as HTML5 cookies, Flash cookies and other objects found in the local storage as well as other technologies which might not be named here could be stored in your device(s). These technologies are not used by us and nor do we use them for targeting or tracking purposes.

7. First And Third Party Cookies:  We use advertisement cookies to analyze user activity and improve our advertising to show you the advertisements and content that might interest you.

We reserve our tight to contract with 3rd party providers and continue to do so with who may do any of the following or similar:

These 3rd parties are our authorized agents. As such, they may use cookies, beacons, and other technologies in the same way that we do. Further these cookies may collect data on the device you use, IP address, and other information. Consent to these 3rd party cookies is presumed when you consent to the use of other cookies.

The 3rd parties are our authorized agents and they may use beacons, cookies, and other tracking technologies the same way we do. These cookies may collect data on your device such as your IP address and other relevant information. Consent to 3rd party cookies is assumed when you consent to use of our cookies.

Please refer to the links below for details on blocking and clearing cookies. We have opted to link to the most commonly used browsers.

For the details on deleting and blocking cookies, we have mentioned the most commonly used browsers and their cookies clearing and blocking methods for you below:

You should know that you are permitted to delete and block cookies but you should also know that cookies are important to have a good user experience on many websites such as payfordissertations.uk. Some websites might not even work right if you block cookies and you should keep that in mind as well. However, deleting your cookies and clearing your cache does not block cookies. They are downloaded and stored again the next time you visit the website.

Your Consent To The Use Of Cookies And Relevant Technologies 

We need to use cookies for our website to function correctly and to provide you with the advertisements and content that would interest you. When you use our website, application, messenger tools or get in touch with us in any way, you give us the consent to use web beacons, cookies and other tracking technologies. In case you want to revoke the consent, you can access your browsers settings to delete the cache and cookies and block them for the future.

Sometimes, websites that use cookies might ask you to insert personal data which most of the times is your contact information. Furthermore, some websites might ask you questions about your personal preferences. When you fill out and submit such information, it is stored on your device and when you return to that same website, that cookie is uploaded. That’s how websites remember you. The cookies are modified and overwritten according to your activity on the website.

Additional Information Regarding Our Use of Website Beacons, Cookies, and Other Tracking Technologies

The technologies and files discussed are used for multiple reasons. Most of the times, they help us make sure that our online services and websites are operating as they are supposed to do. They also help us with some additional functionalities and features to improve user experience on our website.

Some cookies and beacons are considered essentials for our websites to work properly for you. Without those cookies, you won’t be able to view your orders, access your accounts or properly navigate around our website. These cookies don’t store any personal information and if you block them, the website won’t operate fully and pages may fail to load. Security mechanisms aren’t guaranteed to function without certain cookies as well.

We are continuously improving our website to make the user experience better every day. We may opt to implement the use of performance cookies as well which track information about your interaction about our website and services. These cookies also helps gather data to help us improve the operation and functionality of all of our web pages. Performance cookies does not include any personal data or records. You must accept these cookies in order to seamlessly experience our website without any inconvenience, without these cookies you might have security issues and other hard errors.

To make sure that all of the information our customers provide us stays secure and safe, we follow strict and privacy policy measures.

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